What is Road Schooled?

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Turn Your Dreams Into Memories!

As mentioned on our home page, Road Schooled is a place to help you Turn Your Dreams into Memories! We strive to bring together and expand upon content often limited or now missing from traditional schools. It’s where up-and-coming young entrepreneurs and adult learners support, inspire, and learn from one another. Largely through travel and expanding our awareness of the world outside the small pond we all grow up in.

Road Schooled focuses on the Three C's:
Community, Conversation, and Collaboration.

Respectfully uniting diverse groups of people of different ages, backgrounds, and skill levels.

We believe that what you don’t learn in the classroom you learn on the road. RS is all about “AND.” Too Often are experiences are limited by “OR” thinking.  This can leave us stuck in an unfulfilling life, wondering how to get out.

Your reaction to the experiences you have and the people you meet are what define you. When I was 16 I left my small town for summer break to tour with a band in Europe. It changed my life forever. Seeing how other people and other cultures lived. I’ve carried that with me my whole life.

Several years before I had almost died in a car accident.. Research show that kids who face death or illness at a young age, develop what they call “Post Traumatic Growth.” When I was young I didn’t have a name for it, but looking back I see how that experience fueled my lust for life. 

We are not a home school family in the traditional sense. Although in the age of COVID, we all are to some extent. Our daughters, Nya and Sophia, attend public school in Aurora  CO. 

However, we don’t believe that education ends in the classroom. Nor is it solely the responsibility of classroom teachers. As a family, we engage in shared experiences, travel, and dialogue to educate ourselves and be the best humans that we can be.

While I do most of the writing on the site, I have brought my family along with me on this journey, because they are my favorite people in the world. They each have unique gifts talents, and perspectives. I hope by including them here you will gain even more value than just interacting with my thoughts. Please check each of them out below!

I encourage you to subscribe and join the conversation. One-way dialogue is no fun, in fact it’s not a thing at all, that would be a monologue! Subscribers get updates that are not always shared on social media.

Meet Team Trey

We are the Trey Family. Joe, Beth, Sophia (PhiaT) and Nya. We wanted to share that upfront. That way every time we mention each other by name, you know who we are speaking about. We look forward to getting to know you.

Joe T (Adventure Hermit)

Joe T (Adventure Hermit)

Joe believes any leftovers can make a great omelette the next day. Especially left over Chinese Food!

Quote: Don’t Go Anywhere, Go Somewhere!
Beth T (NapAndWine)

Beth T (NapAndWine)

Beth is always UP for a sunny day and a glass of Rombauer Chardonnay. If she's not up then she's napping!

Quote: Water separates the people of the world, wine brings them together!
Phia T (The Artist)

Phia T (The Artist)

Phia T began creating makeup looks. That drew her to converting found objects into works of art. Who knows what's next?

Quote: Make Lemonade!
Nya T (The Chef)

Nya T (The Chef)

Nya love being in the kitchen. A self taught chef, she's now trying to convert popular recipes into vegetarian versions.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them ~ Walt Disney